4-Step Homebuyer's Guide 

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Searching for your next property? Whether you’re looking for your first home, a new place to settle in with your family or an incredible investment property, my goal is to prepare you for buying a home and to guide you confidently through the process. I am your representative in introducing you to the current market and available properties, your strategist in making the right offer, and your negotiator, by your side through the close of escrow and always available thereafter.

1. Preparation

First, you must look carefully at your finances to determine if you’re in a position to pay cash or if you’ll need a loan. I'll offer my recommendations for finding a lender, the process of getting loan approval, and what you’ll need before starting this process. It starts with knowing your finances. This includes a full analysis of what you can afford on a monthly basis, the amount of your down payment (if you are getting a loan), and how much you want to pay overall. If you don't need a loan and intend to pay all cash, you'll need to provide a proof of funds document, generally a bank statement, showing sufficient funds to close escrow, including purchase price and closing costs.

Before you start searching, determine what you are looking for in a home and on what you are willing to compromise. Your home is an investment, so it's important to buy, not just with an eye to what you want in a home, but the value of the property long term.

2. Making An Offer

 To make an offer on a home, you must partake in a Residential Purchase Agreement (also known as RPA). When you write an offer there will be a time period for you to investigate the property, verify the value, obtain financing, and also exit the contract, if need, without penalty.

3. Escrow

The escrow company is a neutral third party with the responsibility of overseeing the contract to make certain that no funds or property will change hands until all terms and conditions of the purchase contract have been met and make sure that the interests of all parties to the transaction are protected.

4. Closing

Close of escrow happens when the notarized grant deed that the seller has signed is recorded at the county recorder's office. This deed transfers title of property from seller to the new buyer. Once title recording has been confirmed, keys are transferred between agents, seller and buyer. Congratulations, you have officially bought your home!

Let Me Work For You

Whether you want to buy or sell, I will oversee every step to ensure you are taken care of. I look forward to earning your family's trust and leveraging my vast network of services for your benefit.